Lacking motivation for your workouts?

Need accountability  for your health and fitness goals?

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Join Beth for a 10x10 Challenge

10 Minute Workouts x 10 Days in a Row

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How It Works:

  1. Pick your focus
    • Abs
    • Arms
    • Booty
  2. You get access to a new 10 minute workout video every day

Special Offer: Only $9 if you join by March  25th, 2021

I'm Ready!


10 Minute Abs

Build core strength in just 10 minutes a day!

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10 Minute Arms

Challenge your biceps and triceps while improving your posture!

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10 Minute Booty

Target your glute muscles for strength and shape!

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What People Say

Kris Z. 

Totally loving the 10 minute ab challenge! It is helping me fulfill my resolution of keeping up with my new healthy lifestyle AND learning to have better positioning/posture during my workouts! Thank you!

Silvia M.

Today's challenge plus a walk right after was the PERFECT start to the day, so THANK YOU!!!

Lauren L.

I finished today, and I am so proud!!! I woke up every morning and did my 10 minute workout to put me into a good place mentally and physically.  Thank you for having this! 

10 Minutes a Day

10 Days in a Row

For Just $9


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