21 Day Arms & Abs 

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Are you ready to strengthen your core and improve your posture? 

Do you like energizing, fun, easy to follow, and effective arm and ab workouts?

Would you like to finish your workouts feeling happy, healthy and accomplished?


In this course, you'll learn from me, Beth Alexander, a positive and upbeat personal trainer with almost a decade of experience training people and their beautiful bodies.

I've put together my favorite arm-toning and ab-strengthening exercises into 21 fun, easy to follow and super-effective workouts. Plus, I'm including my favorite healthy lifestyle tips, recipes, and empowering action steps to help you look and feel amazing, and be at your best.

How It Works

  • Every day you get a new 30-minute workout video
  • Have fun & get fit!
  • Build strength in your arms and abs without getting bulky 

How It Works

  • Each week includes lower body, upper body, core & cardio workouts
  • We never run or jump!
  • You get access to a new 30-minute workout video every day
  • Do your workout & feel accomplished! 

With 21 Day Arms & Abs You Will Get

  • 21 different 30-minute workouts... Every single video is new and unique!
  • Apartment friendly workouts that can be done in a small space
  • 5 BONUS workout videos 
  • Affirmation and kindness exercises to inspire self-love
  • 21 gluten-free, dairy-free, paleo-friendly recipes that are easy to make and healthy to eat.
  • A 5-minute meditation you can do anywhere, anytime!


With This Program You Will

  • Transform your body in just 30 minutes a day!
  • Train with a celebrity trainer with 12+ years experience
  • Gain knowledge on how to do exercises properly and effectively to improve your posture and alignment
  • Lengthen and strengthen the muscles of your arms and abs
  • Develop skills and strength through progressive "build-you-up" workouts
  • Support yourself in feeling and looking good
  • Get over 10 hours of workouts! Every single workout is different! 

  • Save yourself time--these are highly effective 30-minute workouts that you can do anywhere, anytime.  No need to drive to the gym or the studio!

Who Should Do This Program?

  • Anyone who wants to tone and strengthen their arms and upper body without getting bulky

  • People seeking a fun and effective results-oriented workout program that fits into a busy schedule

  • Fitness enthusiasts looking to connect to their arms and abs!

  • Anyone who enjoys working out in a supportive, motivating, fun and friendly environment

  • Runners, yogis, and other fitness buffs looking to improve their strength and performance through cross-training exercises

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Ali B.

“Beth is AMAZING! I love that we do something a little different each time I see her and so appreciate her attention to posture and form (I'm actually working my abs for the first time ever!).”

Shasta B.

"Beth's workouts have improved my overall fitness and have become my main form of exercise. They've helped me achieve a stronger core and toned triceps, my balance and agility have significantly improved.  And Beth makes every workout fun, effective and engaging!"

Michelle L.

"I saw Beth when she started filming day 1 of Arms & Abs and she's already fairly toned, but when I saw her at the end of the 21 days I was amazed by how much more definition SHE had gotten in her arms! Can't wait to try it"

Nora V.

“Can’t wait to get more of Beth online... its the best reason to get up with a smile, the first thing I do in the morning is "work out with Beth" thanks!” 

Majda L.

“I have started with Beth in June... and could not stop ever since. I love every minute of the workout. Beth is motivating, beautiful to look at and funny.  :) I have changed a lot. I have started to love and appreciate my body.”

Lucy B.

“Fabulous! Love Beth's solid instructing, her vibe and the results.” 

Brionna M.

"Beth made working my arms abs sooo enjoyable! Her energy and personality made it easy for me to want to keep working on muscle groups that weren't my strongest. I've gained strength and definition in my arms and abs, as well as understanding that my journey doesn't have to end after the 21 days because Beth has motivated and inspired me to live a healthier, more active lifestyle."

Marison D.

Working out with Beth (virtually) is so much fun. Her positive vibes keep me going every time!


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  • 21 Day Low Impact Body Blast
  • Access to Beth's other top-selling programs including 21 Day Booty, Core + More and 21 Days Arms and Abs
  • 3 New 30-Minute Workouts every week
  • 60+ Healthy Eating Recipes
  • Unlimited Access to Beth's 10x10 Challenges


Beth Alexander is a personal trainer and a nationally recognized health professional who has been featured on The Today Show, Shape and PopSugar Fitness. Her top selling online fitness courses, including 21 Day Low Impact Body Blast and 21 Day Booty, Core + More, have sold over 100,000 copies. 

Beth has been featured at events with companies such as Nike and Fabletics. She has a degree in Exercise & Sports Studies from U.C. Santa Barbara and has over 12 health and fitness certifications including specialties in Nutrition and Behavioral Change.

While she takes a holistic approach to health, well-being and fitness, Beth is best known for designing workout programs her clients actually look forward to because they break up the boredom, get results and make fitness fun.