I’m getting really close to launching my long-awaited fitness e-book! YAY!


This e-book is the product of over 10 years of personal training, and I am so excited to be wrapping it up. I will be releasing it in mid-late July!


This E-Book is a Get Back to the Gym Guide. It includes over 30 pages of content, 12 different workouts, 49 instructional videos and a 4-week workout calendar anyone can follow. It is going to be a complete guide to feeling confident in the gym—including effective and efficient workouts that get great results.


However, I need your help. I know everyone is not ready to workout in a gym again. Before I finalize it all, I want to make sure I’ve included everything… including options to do the workouts at home!


That is where you come in! Please take a few minutes to answer this super short survey—I really just need to know two things:


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