if you’re ready to be the best version of yourself, I can help. My clients feel great, look good and regularly enjoy their favorite activities. I’ve helped clients lose over 30 pounds, improve their half-marathon times, eliminate low back pain, increase their core strength, look and feel their best.


Whether you’re looking to lose some weight, tone-up or improve your movement patterns and posture, I am here to guide you, support you and keep you on track for success.


Make your workouts more effective and efficient. Learn my tips and tricks for properly engaging muscles and staying in good form to maximize the time you spend exercising and achieve your goals.



 Do you need accountability for your workouts? Are you ready to improve your current fitness routine? Have you hit a plateau? Come workout with me to mix it up, learn new skills and stay consistent.


Engaging your core muscles properly is a key component to pain-free moving and exercising. I've helped clients reduce and eliminate low back pain through personal training.

Are you ready for an amazing learning experience?


Word on the Street

Beth is AMAZING. I've been working with Beth now for almost a year.  I've seen a handful of personal trainers over the last several years and Beth is just the greatest.  She's firm and always pushes me, but is still kind-to-the-core and patient. Beth has helped me lose almost 30 lbs. I love that we do something a little different each time I see her and so appreciate her attention to posture and form (I'm actually working my abs for the first time ever!). Aside from exercise, she's great with nutrition recommendations and holding me accountable.

Ali B.

I've only been working out with Beth for five weeks and feel so much stronger, even though I have been lifting and exercising for 30 years! She is very good at making adjustments in form. I was looking for motivation and a new workout routine and she delivers. The sessions are hard and fun. I highly recommend Beth to anyone looking for results.

Suzie G.

Regularly working out with Beth and following her personalized training plan has been more beneficial for the health of my back than anywhere else I've ever sought relief!  I am amazed at the results we've achieved and the environment she creates is so positive and supportive.

Jon F.

Beth is an amazing trainer and truly helped me build strength and confidence that I didn't know I had. She is such an inspiration and an incredible motivator. She was able to work around my existing aches and pains. She made working out fun, and I felt stronger within just a few weeks. Her workouts were unique and tailored to my goals, which was perfect. I can't say enough positive things about training with Beth!

Brittany L.

I have been seeing Beth for over 2 years and it has been an amazing experience. Prior to working with Beth, I only did cardio workouts which were mostly long runs.  She brought me into the world of strength training, which helped shave off 20 minutes on my half marathon time. I have become much stronger overall and have seen many positive changes with my body.

Jennifer D.

If you're looking for an excellent personal trainer, look no further: Beth Alexander is it!!! Unlike a lot of personal trainers out there, she doesn't just throw you into a one-size-fits-all routine or leave you feeling intimidated or lost in the workout. Instead, she listens to your needs, observes your technique and customizes a routine to get you exactly where you want to be.  Whether you're just deciding to get into shape, or have been hitting the gym for years, Beth has something for everyone and she's sure to teach you something new. 
She's excellent at what she does and is worth every penny!!

Sean N.

Beth is an extremely talented fitness trainer that I recommend highly. She is a great listener who customizes every workout to suit your skill and fitness level while at the same time pushes you with healthy encouragement. Best part, you will see the results of her training!

Carrie T.

Bethe is great about organizing our training sessions around my unique needs. She listens to what my concerns are, and will go through exercises in as many different ways as I need until I finally hold my body correctly or feel the right muscle group turn on. She is helping me learn how I hold my body, what muscles I tend to use habitually and which I under use. Since seeing her, I have gotten stronger, lost weight (almost 15 pounds even though that wasn't even the focus of our work together!), stayed pain free, but most importantly I have gained so much insight into my own body. Incredibly empowering.

Aubrey J.


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