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21 Day Booty, Core & More

If you're ready to build yourself up, inside and out, all while boosting your booty and toning your core through energizing and empowering workouts, then get ready for this 21 day mind/body transformation

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21 Day Arms & Abs

Are you ready to spark deep self-love and improve your posture, all while whittling your waistline and toning your arms? Then get ready to ignite your best self with this 21 day mind/body transformation.

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21 Day Low Impact Body Blast

Sweat and strengthen from head to toe without any running or jumping movements! 

The perfect total body workout if you want to leave your workouts feeling happy, healthy and accomplished 

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A Challenge for Everybody

No matter your fitness level or how much time you have, Beth has a challenge for you!

10 Minute Abs

Build core strength in just 10 minutes a day!

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10 Minute Arms

Challenge your biceps and triceps while improving your posture!

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10 Minute Booty

Target your glute muscles for strength and shape!

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My brand new training program has just launched, and it has something for everyone! Whether you’re an advanced dancer or a total beginner, you’ll have fun and learn something new. 

Stop Relying on Motivation! 

Finding a workout routine that excites you is the best place to start.  Here are 4 steps to creating habits that will get you achieving your goals. 

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