Feel Stronger

and More Confident 


Holistically Focused Fitness


Look & Feel Good, Inside & Out!

Train With Beth

Feel Stronger

and More Confident 


Holistically Focused Fitness


Look & Feel Good, Inside & Out!

Train With Beth

Hi, I’m Beth

I make fitness fun and your workouts go by fast!

I’m a personal trainer and fitness instructor with over 15 years of experience and 12+ certifications. Holistic fitness is my jam and core workouts are my favorite! My online programs have sold over 100,000 copies, keep people smiling and get them results. I train celebrities, moms, corporate executives and other people dedicated to looking and feeling good.

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Train With Beth

3 Options To Choose From

10 Minute Challenges

Create healthy habits and get great results, in just 10 minutes a day!

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At-Home Workouts

Get your body moving with one of Beth's 30-minute workouts!

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Personal Training

 One-on-one training to meet your health and fitness needs.

I'm Ready to Train

What can you expect from training with Beth?

Effective, fun, efficient and result-oriented core-focused workouts! 

No matter which training option you choose, you can count on three things:


Learn how to do the exercises properly and the science behind your workouts.

Fun & Effective

Workouts to make you smile AND get great results!


Options to make your workout work for you and your body today. 

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New Workouts Every Week!

  • Booty & Core
  • Arms & Abs
  • Cardio Sculpt
  • All of Beth's top-selling programs!
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See more than one workout you’d like to try? Sign up for an access pass, and enjoy unlimited classes. Any class, any fitness challenge, any time, you’ll get access to them all!  

Beth's 21 Day Programs

Programs to Build Strength, Develop Skills and Get Results

Over 100,000 copies sold!

P.S. You get a different 30 minute workout, every single day!

21 Day Booty, Core & More

If you're ready to build yourself up, inside and out, all while boosting your booty and toning your core through energizing and empowering workouts, then get ready for this 21 day mind/body transformation

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21 Day Arms & Abs

Are you ready to spark deep self-love and improve your posture, all while whittling your waistline and toning your arms? Then get ready to ignite your best self with this 21 day mind/body transformation.

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21 Day Low Impact Body Blast

Sweat and strengthen from head to toe without any running or jumping movements! 

The perfect total body workout if you want to leave your workouts feeling happy, healthy and accomplished 

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Don't have a lot of time?

Try a 10x10 Challenge

10 Minute Workouts x 10 Days in a Row


A Challenge for Everybody

No matter your fitness level or how much time you have, Beth has a challenge for you!

10 Minute Abs

Build core strength in just 10 minutes a day!

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10 Minute Arms

Challenge your biceps and triceps while improving your posture!

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10 Minute Booty

Target your glute muscles for strength and shape!

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Have fun and get fit, even if the gym isn't your thing 


You don't have to be a fitness enthusiast to come move with us. Beth is all about getting your body moving, embracing your imperfections and honoring your body's needs!

Join me to have fun, learn some new moves, and live fit. 

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